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Out of Gym Training Solutions

The modern day gym is a desirable option for many fitness participants seeking results from their fitness training. Modern gyms have elaborate pieces of equipment which certainly facilitate results based fitness training. Additionally the atmosphere of a busy gym can also increase motivation; being around like minded individuals seeking results from their fitness training.

However if results for weight loss, increased cardiovascular function, core training and just about every other form of fitness training is what you are seeking, then you must not exclusively treat the gym as your only option as there are many other forms of exercise which produce effective results.


Getting out and completing a slow long distance jog is a highly effective training method for both weight loss and improved cardiovascular function. Facilities are only limited to your routing imagination. It is recommended to devise a hydration strategy if completing log distances.


Like running, walking is a great option for increased fitness, especially those just beginning a fitness program or just looking to get active. You can appreciate the scenery and relax your mind and spirit. Keeping track of your walking pace (distance and time) will pave the way for effective fitness training from walking. Being outside in the sunlight will also provide you with highly beneficial levels of vitamin D.

Boxing Fitness

Although generally requiring a partner boxing fitness is a fantastic option for out of gym fitness training. Utilising a pair of gloves and hand pads you can run through a series of drills and exercises which will greatly benefits your fitness and overall health.


Often forgotten in fitness training circles is the benefits of traditional sports as being beneficial for fitness training. Sports such as tennis, indoor cricket, basketball and soccer provide excellent exercise options which are fun and can possibly outweigh the benefits of particular fitness programs. Sports often bring together different qualities of fitness, creating a fusion fitness effect; beneficial for all participants. Additionally, for those looking to just get active, the benefits of golf should be considered. Whilst not generally seen as a form of exercise, the fact is that a player will walk up to and beyond 10 kilometres in a round of golf. Whilst there has been a general perception that golfers are out of shape, it has to be considered that the greatest golfer of all time is arguably, physically the most developed athlete in modern day sports. This is no coincidence.


Completing laps in a pool, either fast or controlled, provides great all round health benefits. Swimming helps develop muscular endurance, strength and stability, as well as improve cardiovascular function.

Next time you’re looking for exercise options don’t limit your decision to a modern day gym. Whilst the gym is beneficial there are many self sufficient and supplementary options.


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The Gym – A Life Long Commitment

We all know how important it is get fit and healthy, we’re flooded with such messages every day. And for those who want to do something about achieving these fitness dreams but don’t want to play a sport, joining the gym is the obvious answer. Many people have joined the gym in a hope to lead a better lifestyle, not realising they’re signing themselves up to a lifelong contract.

I’m not saying this is a bad thing, I’m just saying people should realise you have to keep it up if they want to see lasting results from the gym. As the saying goes, “If you don’t use it you lose it”. You can go to the gym for months on end to achieve the perfect beach body, a festive period come along and all your hard work get ruined.

If you enjoy going to the gym this won’t really matter. Even with other sports like football and tennis, you have to keep playing otherwise you’d eventually lose ‘it’. The difference is that most people that get into sports enjoy the game so don’t mind doing it week in week out for years. People that join the gym generally join because they want to get fit, and may not have the same commitment levels during certain periods of the year. This isn’t true for everyone of course, some people love going to the gym as much as others love their favourite sport.

So what about the people who want to get fit with the gym but may not have the motivation to go on a regular basis? Well, you have to make it fun. Set yourself challenges and timed goals to achieve, and keep track of how well you’re doing. If you go through a bad spell and lose your base fitness don’t get de-motivated, accept it happens and get back to achieving your goals. Failing that, try and remember why you’re there in the first place.

Safety in the Gym

Are you setting yourself up for disaster by not taking the following safety precautions when training athletes in the gym?

The weight room in a gym can be a very dangerous place for those more novice athletes entering the weight room for the first time. Often the ego will prevent the young athlete from asking for help and this is not the place you want to learn from experience.

It is up to the coach, trainer or gym staff to promote gym safety and teach athletes how to properly use the equipment.

The best thing to do is to book a one hour session with the gym staff and all of your athletes in the gym and have them go over all the safety issues, common mistakes and how every piece of equipment is used. It will benefit the gym staff and make their job easier in the future.

Rules of the gym should be posted at the entrance of the gym and should be clear for all to read. A photo copy of the rules should placed in the membership packet for people to read on their own.

General rules include:

Replace weights after use

Use a spotter

No food in the gym

No chewing gum

Must wear proper shoes, no sandals allowed!

Bring a towel to wipe down your own sweat

No “horse play”

Drinks must be in a plastic bottle, no cups.

Wear proper attire-no jeans as they can tear the vinyl on the benches

Floor Design:

Designing the outlay of the gym floor requires a lot of knowledge, experience and foresight. There are companies who have consultants that assist and advise new gyms when it comes to what equipment and where to place it in the gym. Restricting factors such as space and financial capital will also affect the way your gym is set-up. The floor space is extremely important as the floor will take a beating when the weights are thrown on the floor. There are several shock-absorbing rubberized materials on the market today.

Free weights will be located in a separate area to the universal machines. This area should contain the bench presses.

Another key point is to have the machines together with regards to the muscle/body parts worked. People will often do leg extensions followed by leg curls or calf raises so group these machines together.


All athletes should complete a short course on lifting technique. A 30-60 minute session early on will prevent a lot of injuries and problems in the future. I have seen many mishaps in gyms, which nearly all were preventable.

One such occasion was when I was a teenager and working out in the gym with a friend and his brother. My friend was using the leg press machine and was pushing out the last few reps when he took his legs off the platform prior to turning in the safety handles to prevent the press from coming down on the athlete.

Well, the machine and a lot of weight came down pinning his legs. With neither of us there to spot him during that particular exercise he was trapped. Luckily we were able to push the press back up and there was no damage to his legs. My friend went on to be ranked number one in the world for tennis and he had a great career, however, this may not have happened due to this weight room mishap.

Another common mistake is when athletes are loading and unloading the bar on the bench press. Some unload one side of the bar not realising that the bar will flip up if it becomes unbalanced due to excessive weight on one side.

The key is to have the athletes perform several exercises with only the bar and no weight. Then once good technique has been established, move on to adding some lighter weights. Having the correct technique is of the utmost importance.

I recommend demonstrating and having the athlete perform the following exercises. These are often the most common exercises performed as well as where a lot of the injuries occur.

Bench press


Dumbbell flyes

Leg press

Military shoulder press

These exercises can also teach the athlete how to spot. The more advanced power lifting exercises can be taught at a later date but require the most supervision and training (eg. Power cleans)


Shoes need to have good traction so as you don’t slip. They need to be comfortable with laces tied up. They also need to support the foot and prevent lateral movement of the foot in the shoe.


Are recommended to prevent blisters and skin damage. They are also beneficial for keeping the hands dry and allowing for a better grip of bars. They also provide extra support.



No jewellery

Clanging items

No belts or jeans

Tie shoe laces

No sandals or open-toed shoes

No scarves as they get caught in machines

Remove pens from pockets, phones and other small items

Safety tips:

Use mirrors to assist with technique

The gym should provide for proper ventilation and air conditioning

Must have access to water

Provide small towels

Check machine cables weekly to prevent un-expected breaks

Conduct weekly maintenance checks of all equipment

Keep floor mats clean

No overhead hanging signs

Cover all power outlets

Have a safe distance between equipment

Always have gym staff on duty

Good lighting in all areas of the gym

Lookout for water on the floor around the water fountain

This list could go on indefinitely. As mentioned earlier, the gym is not the place you want to learn from experience. So foresee potential problems and devote a good hour to walking around the gym and looking for these potential problems before they occur.

Some of the dangerous things that I have seen over the years include:

Athletes tripping over the machine cords that were not properly covered

Improper unloading of plates on bars for the bench press causing the bar to tip over.

Athletes slipping on the wet floor near the water fountain

Nuts on the dumbbell not being tight enough and the plates sliding off landing on the lifter

Athletes not using a spotter on the bench press and squat exercises

Athletes falling off the back of the treadmill

Cables snapping during a lift causing injury

Improper technique

Spotters not paying attention or being distracted

Dropping of weights on feet

Any one of these mishaps could bring about serious injury and end an athlete’s career. Some have made these mistakes and have become world famous athletes, some have suffered career ending injuries. Don’t be a casualty!

Men’s Underwear Do You Depend on for Sports

What do you think about men’s underwear styles that are sporty like? Have you ever thought about wearing a specific style when you head to the gym? Sports or involving yourself in any kinds activity that takes you to be active needs a lot more than the regular things. Being an integral part of every man’s life, when it comes to sports, men like to keep it clean and comfortable. Hence, they choose a couple of styles when it comes to sporting themselves at the gym or in the locker room or on the field.

Sometimes, they choose a style that they regret later because of the problems they had to face the same. From the chaffing groin area to the rashes, abrasions and other problems are some examples. Hence, they stick to few pieces that are mentioned below.

This article talks about the various men’s garment styles that offer men with all the features that they are looking for when it comes to the sporty activities.

    • Men’s jockstraps underwear: The very first garment that has been existing for a very long time and is used by men for their athletic use is – jocks for men. Introduced for the cyclists, as the history says – the mandatory garment was worn by sports people for all their games. Jocks were made for the sporty needs and have been fulfilling the purpose even today. With the help of the protective cup made out of plastic or metal, the manhood was left safeguarded in the style when men go out on the field to play sports like soccer, basketball, volleyball and any other. Though the style has changed with time the style appeal offered by the style is the same.

    • Men’s compression shorts: The next in the queue came the compression shorts for men. Though the style came in as an alternative to the jocks but has become popular on its own and the support it provides the manhood. With a fuller coverage like the boxer briefs (or extended than them), compression shorts provides the same benefits like the jocks do (or at least promises you to do the same). However, the style has a pouch that has enhancing properties but not a plastic or metal cup to protect the manhood from the problems that happen on the ground. Hence, you can choose from any of the above depending on the coverage that you desire. While the former style exposed everything that you have, this one covers it all.

  • Men’s boxer brief underwear: Now comes the best-of-both-the-worlds-style known as the boxer brief underwear. The style gives you the best of comfort and the support combining the best styles – men’s brief underwear and boxers for men giving the best of both the styles in one pair. Boxer briefs have always been the sporty one making you feel comfortable with all the support you in need in the groin area. Talking about the benefits, the length of the same gives you a defining fit to the legs without playing any kind of hindrance in your performance. The case with the respective styles is that you can even wear it on the regular basis of your work or for romantic occasions as well.

With these three styles being the key components that men look up to for their support, protection and the enhancement, there are some other garments that they can choose. Sporty briefs, trunks or even running shorts have been emerging quite a lot when it comes to the sports and the specific needs. You can choose from the jocks for men, boxer briefs and compression shorts depending on your personality type and needs. What’s yours?