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Can Serio Agüero overtake Shearer as the Premier League’s all-time top scorer?

The Premier League all-time scorer chart has long been topped by Alan Shearer on 260 goals from 441 appearances. This puts him clear of the following pack: Wayne Rooney (208), Andrew Cole (187), Frank Lampard (177) and Thierry Henry (175). Shearer’s Premier League career spanned from Blackburn Rovers in 1992 until his retirement at Newcastle United in 2006. In his 14 year stint in the Premier League, he was awarded three Golden Boots between 1994 and 1997. Can his goal record be surpassed?

Harry Kane has already scored 113 goals at the age of 25, if he continues to play in the Premier League and maintain his eye for goal, then he is more than likely to break the record in the future. However, the most likely player to challenge this record is Manchester City’s goal machine Sergio Agüero. Here we cover his career in Manchester and his chances of surpassing 260 league goals.

Agüero is currently sitting on 148 goals,overtaking Teddy Sheringham to claim the final spot in the top 10. The 30 year old has now been at Manchester City since 2011 and has continued to be their most prolific scorer, challenging for the Golden Boot most seasons. Amazingly he has finished as top scorer just once, back in the 2014/15 season, finishing with 26 goals. The football odds today make him 5/2 to finish as the Premier League’s top scorer this season.

2011/12 – 23 goals

Agüero signed from Atletico Madrid in the summer of 2011,having scored 74 goals in his 175 appearances for Los Rojiblancos. In his first season at City he scored 23 Premier League goals from 34 appearances and was an integral member of the team that became Premier League champions. He was named the club’s Player of the Season and will forever be remembered his late goal against QPR which won them the Premier League. Jubilant scenes followed as they pipped rivals Manchester United on the final day of the season.

2012/13 – 12 goals

The following season was less impressive from the Argentinian, as he suffered from numerous injuries during the season which prevented him from maintaining the form from the previous season. This resulted in 12 league goals from 30 league appearances. There was speculation building over a move back to Spain to join Real Madrid. Agüero would then state his commitment to Manchester City at the end of May.

2013/14 – 17 goals

Despite suffering from a knee injury which prevented him playing in the club’s pre-season friendlies, Agüero started the 2013/14 season in prolific form as he notched up 10 goals by the end of November. In doing so he became the player with the highest goals-per-minute ratio in Premier League history, overtaking Thierry Henry in the process.A couple of weeks later he suffered a calf injury which resulted in the striker missing eight matches. A month later Agüero returned, scoring in their 5-0 win over Blackburn Rovers in an FA Cup third round replay. His return didn’t last long as he was once again side-lined with an injury, sustained in a 5-1 win against Tottenham. He returned for the Football League Cup final that season, being replaced shortly before the hour mark by Jesús Navas. The team went on to win the trophy as well as the club’s second Premier League title and Agüero finished with 17 Premier League goals from his 23 appearances.

2014/15 – 26 goals

The Argentinian signed a new five year contract at the club and followed this up with his most prolific season at City to date. He scored 26 league goals in 33 appearances and in the process secured the Golden Boot. He scored twice against rivals Manchester United in April which took him to 100 goals in all competitions for the club.

(Agüero celebrates following winning the Golden boot)


2015/16 – 24 goals

In the following season Agüero scored 24 goals, but was limited to 30 league appearances,with injuries once again hampering his season.The most severe injury occurred while Agüero represented Argentina in a 2018 World Cup qualifying match against Ecuador in October 2015. He returned 6 weeks later and scored the only City goal in a 4-1 defeat against Liverpool. In scoring, Agüero became the highest scoring South American in the Premier League, overtaking teammate Carlos Tevez. That season he scored his 100th Premier League goal, achieving this feat in 147 games, with only Alan Shearer completing the feat in fewer games.Harry Kane has since beaten Agüero, scoring 100 goals in 141 appearances. Agüero finished level on goals with Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy, on 24, one goal behind Harry Kane.

2016/17 – 20 goals

The Argentinian’s form dropped slightly in the 2016/17 season, with the striker scoring 20 goals in 31 Premier League appearances. He scored his 150th goal for Manchester City, as he edged closer to becoming the club’s record goal scorer.

2017/18 – 21 goals

In what was a record breaking season for the club, which saw them win the league with a record number of points and a record number of goals, Agüero was, as always, a central figure in the team. Agüero made 25 league appearances, his second fewest since joining the club, scoring 21 goals. At the end of January, Agüero scored his second hat-trick of the season, resulting in him reaching the 350 career goal mark. Following a goal against Napoli, Agüero became the club’s all-time leading scorer and helped to cement his legacy at City.


So can he do it?

Agüero has a better scoring rate than any other player currently in the top 10 of the scoring charts on 0.69 per game. If he continues at his current rate then it would take him:

  • 161 games which is around four years


  • Sergio Agüero is now facing stiff competition for places so needs to remain at the top of his game
  • He would need to remain fit and has suffered from regular hamstring and knee injuries throughout his playing time at City.

General Football Betting

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General Football Betting and Cash Out

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General Football Betting and Customised Betting


One of the latest developments is customised betting which enhances a bookmaker’s general football betting service. Customers can put together their own bets which combine a number of events in a football match. Sometimes these events are related so the general football betting odds are adjusted accordingly. For example, you could bet on the number of corners in a match, the correct scorer and anytime scorer. Customised betting is now part of general football betting and more will become available over time with different markets being combined. General football betting still accounts for most sports bets and that situation is unlikely to change. The appetite for in-play and general football betting is growing in the UK and around the world because football is easy to understand and there is an uncomplicated scoring system.

Choosing the Right Racket for the Proper Ping Pong Games

Choosing your racket is an essential step for every table tennis player whatever his level. It is evident that choosing a racket that is not suited to your playing style or concentration may be a hindrance to everyone’s desire to progress. The following few lines can help you choose THE racket that will best match your game and give you the best of yourself. By cons, we must not forget that it is not the racket that makes the player. A racket is a tool that, well used, becomes a formidable weapon to express itself at best on the tables. A visit to is essential now.

Choosing your racquet well goes through several steps:

Analyse your game:

There are two factors to consider: The style of play and the level of play.

  1. a) The method of play:

The style of play is unique to everyone and can evolve during a “career” or even change each game according to its degree of fatigue. But in general, we can categorise ourselves in different groups of play styles:

OFFENSIVE: Striker near the table based on top spin and top spin hit. Use rotations a lot.

OFFENSIVE- : Mid-range attacker based on strikes, top spin and counters. Use rotations a lot.

ALLROUND+: Versatile player based on controlled keystrokes or top spin followed by free attacks. The player is using the game in the stroller to create an opening to conclude the point.

ALLROUND: Versatile player based on controlled strikes and counters. The player is using the game in the stroller to create an opening to conclude the point.

ALLROUND – : Versatile player with a defensive tendency. Use the keystrokes and top-spins only to complete the point. Lots of the small game and causes the mistakes of the opponent. The player is using the game in the stroller to create an opening to conclude the point.

DEFENSIVE +: the Defensive player is hardly ever attacking. The player is using the game in the aggressive stroller (acceleration of the set and placement of balls) to provoke the mistakes of the opponent. Very often uses a coating on anti-top or picot cuffs.

DEFENSIVE: the Defensive player is hardly ever attacking. Players are using aggressive or passive stroller play to provoke the opponent’s fouls. Very often uses a coating with short or long picot lapels.

DEFENSIVE – : Defensive player not attacking. Extend the exchanges; never take the initiative of the point. Wisely wait for the opponent’s fault. Uses short or long pimpled coatings.

It is entirely possible to be in several categories according to his style of play in forehand and backhand. Many players are using an OFF + coating in forehand and an anti-top coating on the reverse to categorise in a general way.