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Can Serio Agüero overtake Shearer as the Premier League’s all-time top scorer?

The Premier League all-time scorer chart has long been topped by Alan Shearer on 260 goals from 441 appearances. This puts him clear of the following pack: Wayne Rooney (208), Andrew Cole (187), Frank Lampard (177) and Thierry Henry (175). Shearer’s Premier League career spanned from Blackburn Rovers in 1992 until his retirement at Newcastle United in 2006. In his 14 year stint in the Premier League, he was awarded three Golden Boots between 1994 and 1997. Can his goal record be surpassed?

Harry Kane has already scored 113 goals at the age of 25, if he continues to play in the Premier League and maintain his eye for goal, then he is more than likely to break the record in the future. However, the most likely player to challenge this record is Manchester City’s goal machine Sergio Agüero. Here we cover his career in Manchester and his chances of surpassing 260 league goals.

Agüero is currently sitting on 148 goals,overtaking Teddy Sheringham to claim the final spot in the top 10. The 30 year old has now been at Manchester City since 2011 and has continued to be their most prolific scorer, challenging for the Golden Boot most seasons. Amazingly he has finished as top scorer just once, back in the 2014/15 season, finishing with 26 goals. The football odds today make him 5/2 to finish as the Premier League’s top scorer this season.

2011/12 – 23 goals

Agüero signed from Atletico Madrid in the summer of 2011,having scored 74 goals in his 175 appearances for Los Rojiblancos. In his first season at City he scored 23 Premier League goals from 34 appearances and was an integral member of the team that became Premier League champions. He was named the club’s Player of the Season and will forever be remembered his late goal against QPR which won them the Premier League. Jubilant scenes followed as they pipped rivals Manchester United on the final day of the season.

2012/13 – 12 goals

The following season was less impressive from the Argentinian, as he suffered from numerous injuries during the season which prevented him from maintaining the form from the previous season. This resulted in 12 league goals from 30 league appearances. There was speculation building over a move back to Spain to join Real Madrid. Agüero would then state his commitment to Manchester City at the end of May.

2013/14 – 17 goals

Despite suffering from a knee injury which prevented him playing in the club’s pre-season friendlies, Agüero started the 2013/14 season in prolific form as he notched up 10 goals by the end of November. In doing so he became the player with the highest goals-per-minute ratio in Premier League history, overtaking Thierry Henry in the process.A couple of weeks later he suffered a calf injury which resulted in the striker missing eight matches. A month later Agüero returned, scoring in their 5-0 win over Blackburn Rovers in an FA Cup third round replay. His return didn’t last long as he was once again side-lined with an injury, sustained in a 5-1 win against Tottenham. He returned for the Football League Cup final that season, being replaced shortly before the hour mark by Jesús Navas. The team went on to win the trophy as well as the club’s second Premier League title and Agüero finished with 17 Premier League goals from his 23 appearances.

2014/15 – 26 goals

The Argentinian signed a new five year contract at the club and followed this up with his most prolific season at City to date. He scored 26 league goals in 33 appearances and in the process secured the Golden Boot. He scored twice against rivals Manchester United in April which took him to 100 goals in all competitions for the club.

(Agüero celebrates following winning the Golden boot)


2015/16 – 24 goals

In the following season Agüero scored 24 goals, but was limited to 30 league appearances,with injuries once again hampering his season.The most severe injury occurred while Agüero represented Argentina in a 2018 World Cup qualifying match against Ecuador in October 2015. He returned 6 weeks later and scored the only City goal in a 4-1 defeat against Liverpool. In scoring, Agüero became the highest scoring South American in the Premier League, overtaking teammate Carlos Tevez. That season he scored his 100th Premier League goal, achieving this feat in 147 games, with only Alan Shearer completing the feat in fewer games.Harry Kane has since beaten Agüero, scoring 100 goals in 141 appearances. Agüero finished level on goals with Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy, on 24, one goal behind Harry Kane.

2016/17 – 20 goals

The Argentinian’s form dropped slightly in the 2016/17 season, with the striker scoring 20 goals in 31 Premier League appearances. He scored his 150th goal for Manchester City, as he edged closer to becoming the club’s record goal scorer.

2017/18 – 21 goals

In what was a record breaking season for the club, which saw them win the league with a record number of points and a record number of goals, Agüero was, as always, a central figure in the team. Agüero made 25 league appearances, his second fewest since joining the club, scoring 21 goals. At the end of January, Agüero scored his second hat-trick of the season, resulting in him reaching the 350 career goal mark. Following a goal against Napoli, Agüero became the club’s all-time leading scorer and helped to cement his legacy at City.


So can he do it?

Agüero has a better scoring rate than any other player currently in the top 10 of the scoring charts on 0.69 per game. If he continues at his current rate then it would take him:

  • 161 games which is around four years


  • Sergio Agüero is now facing stiff competition for places so needs to remain at the top of his game
  • He would need to remain fit and has suffered from regular hamstring and knee injuries throughout his playing time at City.

General Football Betting

Bookmakers offer an excellent and comprehensive general football betting service. It is possible to place bets on over 200 football leagues and cup competitions. The range of markets covers most events in a football match and there are over 250 markets available for betting in some matches. General football betting is popular around the world and the English Premier League generates most bets and turnover. It is the richest league in the world and attracts the best players and manages. Extensive TV coverage also helps to promote general football betting. Football is easily the most popular sport for both pre-match and in-play betting.

General Football Betting and Cash Out

General football betting is enhanced by the cash out facility that is offered by many online bookmakers. Customers can close a bet before expiry for the full stake or partial stake. Cashing out a bet guarantees a profit or minimises a loss regardless of the outcome of the fixture. In the past general football betting involved placing a bet on something to happen and not being able to bet during the match. Betting exchanges and cash out have allowed customers to play the role of the bookmaker by accepting bets when the odds are mutually beneficial. Cashing out a bet is akin to laying a bet on a betting exchange. Cash out is more likely when the odds have moved in the favour of the bettor after a goal or key injury. General football betting is still popular, but the options offered by a betting exchange and the cash out facility have made in-play betting and trading much more popular.


General Football Betting and Customised Betting


One of the latest developments is customised betting which enhances a bookmaker’s general football betting service. Customers can put together their own bets which combine a number of events in a football match. Sometimes these events are related so the general football betting odds are adjusted accordingly. For example, you could bet on the number of corners in a match, the correct scorer and anytime scorer. Customised betting is now part of general football betting and more will become available over time with different markets being combined. General football betting still accounts for most sports bets and that situation is unlikely to change. The appetite for in-play and general football betting is growing in the UK and around the world because football is easy to understand and there is an uncomplicated scoring system.

Choosing the Right Racket for the Proper Ping Pong Games

Choosing your racket is an essential step for every table tennis player whatever his level. It is evident that choosing a racket that is not suited to your playing style or concentration may be a hindrance to everyone’s desire to progress. The following few lines can help you choose THE racket that will best match your game and give you the best of yourself. By cons, we must not forget that it is not the racket that makes the player. A racket is a tool that, well used, becomes a formidable weapon to express itself at best on the tables. A visit to is essential now.

Choosing your racquet well goes through several steps:

Analyse your game:

There are two factors to consider: The style of play and the level of play.

  1. a) The method of play:

The style of play is unique to everyone and can evolve during a “career” or even change each game according to its degree of fatigue. But in general, we can categorise ourselves in different groups of play styles:

OFFENSIVE: Striker near the table based on top spin and top spin hit. Use rotations a lot.

OFFENSIVE- : Mid-range attacker based on strikes, top spin and counters. Use rotations a lot.

ALLROUND+: Versatile player based on controlled keystrokes or top spin followed by free attacks. The player is using the game in the stroller to create an opening to conclude the point.

ALLROUND: Versatile player based on controlled strikes and counters. The player is using the game in the stroller to create an opening to conclude the point.

ALLROUND – : Versatile player with a defensive tendency. Use the keystrokes and top-spins only to complete the point. Lots of the small game and causes the mistakes of the opponent. The player is using the game in the stroller to create an opening to conclude the point.

DEFENSIVE +: the Defensive player is hardly ever attacking. The player is using the game in the aggressive stroller (acceleration of the set and placement of balls) to provoke the mistakes of the opponent. Very often uses a coating on anti-top or picot cuffs.

DEFENSIVE: the Defensive player is hardly ever attacking. Players are using aggressive or passive stroller play to provoke the opponent’s fouls. Very often uses a coating with short or long picot lapels.

DEFENSIVE – : Defensive player not attacking. Extend the exchanges; never take the initiative of the point. Wisely wait for the opponent’s fault. Uses short or long pimpled coatings.

It is entirely possible to be in several categories according to his style of play in forehand and backhand. Many players are using an OFF + coating in forehand and an anti-top coating on the reverse to categorise in a general way.

The Success of Pep

Pep Guardiola has proven successful wherever he’s managed –he led Barcelona to multiple titles, including three La Ligas and two Champions Leagues. With a team full of superstars like Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta and Xavi, it’s hardly surprising that Guardiola was so successful at the Nou Camp.

Following four hugely successful years at Barcelona, Guardiola took a year out in order to rest. His psychological battles with Jose Mourinho and Real Madrid had finally taken their toll on him. He returned to management a season later to take over at German heavyweights Bayern Munich.

There, he continued success on a domestic level, winning three Bundesliga titles. However, he was unable to reproduce the success he experienced in continental competitions, with the club losing in the semi-finals of the Champions League in each of his three seasons at the club.

With Manchester City, Pep started slowly, encountering his first trophy-less season in his debut season at the club. However, last seasonproved to be a monumental success, as City won both the League Cup and the Premier League, the latter of which they stormed to success in, breaking multiple records. City will be coming up against an underwhelming Southampton side in early November, a team that this season are one of the favourites in Premier League relegation odds at a price of 4/1. Having failed to score in their last 5 league matches, it is no surprise that the Saints find themselves in a relegation battle. Mark Hughes may want to learn from Guardiola’s Manchester City if he is to guide Southampton to safety.

Last season, City won the highest number of points in Premier League history, with 100, while they also broke the record for the highest numbers of goals scored in a Premier League season, finding the back of the net 106 times.

Pep has proven that he isn’t just successful on the pitch, as he has been able to secure some top players at reasonable prices. The most obvious example being Gerard Pique, who Guardiola brought back to Barcelona in 2008 for just £5 million from Manchester United.

With such an impressive CV already behind him, the following infographic illustrates just how good Pep has been so far.

What is on My DVR?

My husband and I do not agree on a lot of the same television shows. He likes to watch a lot of sports like skateboarding and running distance races that also have things like swimming and bike riding in the same race. He also loves modified and stock car races in addition to a lot of the Formula One races as well. I could care less about that active stuff, I like the reality shows here and there and I do only like about seven shows that are on. The ones that I do like have been on for many years. I do not like a lot of the new shows that are coming out, I think that they lack a light heartiness. I wanted to make sure that there was a few shows coming out this fall that I would give a try to reach out my interests but there was not a lot of things that I was interested in.

My husband and I always joke around that if we had to fill out a questionnaire about what we liked to do and what we were looking for in a partner for life that we would never have been matched up with one another. We are really the proof that there can be two totally different people with different interests and they can make things work if they are open to working on things together. No marriages are perfect and it could be really hard to make it work if two people are not in it to work things out. I am so glad that we made it through the hard times because now my marriage is stronger than ever, but we do have our moments and that is allowed because we both love one another until the very end.

What Makes Monaco F1’s Most Interesting Race?

Even those who aren’t fans of motorsport will have heard of the Monaco Grand Prix. This prestigious sporting event is every bit as popular with the drivers as it is with the fans; it’s the race they want to win just as much as their own home race.

Image Credit: ‘

It is also a notoriously difficult course that provides a challenge for even the most skilled drivers, which only adds to the appeal.


Since the first Monaco Grand Prix back in 1929, there have been few changes to the circuit. It has seen fewer updates than any other F1 tracks. The route retains all the twists and turns it’s famous for. Safety has been improved with the addition of crash barriers, but the course is only 160 metres longer than the original circuit. For the best view of the race, seek out hospitality from groups like the F1 Paddock Club Monaco.

Ayrton Senna has won the Monaco Grand Prix more times than anyone else at six times, one more than Graham Hill and Michael Schumacher.

Technical Driving

Racing through the streets of Monte Carlo is exciting to watch. It is extremely difficult to overtake another car in the race, partly because of the short straights, but it is not impossible and the prospect makes it even more exciting. The smallest error can be very costly.

Image Credit: ‘

The number of tight corners means that drivers have to cope with a lot of gear changes. With a lap time of only 80 seconds, the driving skills and gear changes are nearly constant.

Party Town

The setting is spectacular, squeezed in between the Maritime Alps and the blue Mediterranean Sea, so whichever way you look, there is something stunning to look at. That might include celebrities and their yachts as much as mountains, and there is plenty of opportunity for hospitality.

For more information about the sport’s most famous race, visit the Monaco website and imagine yourself at the F1 Paddock Club Monaco. The benefit of being right in the heart of the city is that the bars and restaurants are all there, and there is little distance to travel back to your accommodation.

With its spectacular setting, the after-hours parties and the race’s history, it’s no wonder the event has such enduring appeal.

Playing your part in the team

Most of us will remember playing some sort of team sport during our Physical Education lessons as school whether this was netball and hockey or football and rugby, team sports are a part of the National Curriculum and so compulsory for children to learn. Alongside these team sports they will also undertake swimming classes, gymnastics and a variety of other track and field events. Sport is popular in the UK and many team sports are played by people on the weekend as a part of their social activities as well as those people who play the sports as a part of a team either in an amateur or a professional capacity.

Here are some of the most popular sporting activities that are played in the UK.

Image Credit

  • Football is probably universally the most popular sport both to play and watch. There are numerous leagues from professional through to amateur and from standard sized teams to five a side clubs. Children can join their local teams with some having feeder clubs into the areas larger teams and even academy set ups. Players regularly train in both football skills and in strength and stamina training to enable them to be in peak athletic shape.


  • Rugby is just as popular as football and regularly draws in large crowds both at matches and spectators watching on the television. Similarly, to football children can join a local team and professional teams often have academy places available. Rugby players regularly take part in endurance and stamina training to enable them to improve their game and to help prevent injuries from happening by making sure they are in the best physical shape.


Image Credit

  • Cricket is classed as England’s National Game and there are around 18 professional cricket clubs around the country. Some schools are taking the opportunity to teach cricket skills to the pupils from an early age in a bid to give them a range of all options of team sports to learn during PE lessons. Over recent years the number of people watching cricket matches has increased, meaning that popularity for the sport may also be on the rise.

Choosing strong horse racing tips

When it comes to putting your own money behind a horse racing tip, it can be difficult to find somewhere that provides a reliable bet to join in with. There’s now a lot of betting websites that provide help and assistance with hand-picking horse racing tips that are worth getting behind, and it’s extremely useful when considering how difficult it is to win horse bets in succession.

Finding a horse racing tips website that you can rely on for the recommended bets they’re producing can be difficult but there are ways of identifying the perfect website to put your trust in. One of the most popular free betting websites is TeamFA, who cover all sports in extensive detail, and also run a section of their website that’s devoted to the latest horse racing tips and the best bookmaker odds.

Horse bets with reasoning to back them up

It sounds easy to pick and choose a betting website before randomly staking money behind whatever they say, but it’s actually difficult to do this if they fail to produce a strong track record for the bets they’ve provided. While there are plenty of different websites to visit for new horse racing tips, tracking down one that is efficient with winning them consistently can be a tricky thing to come by.

Even if you take the time out to look at the website’s past results – seeing how often they win and how transparent they are with their record – you’ll be able to judge how safe your money is for yourself. You could even skip trusting any inexperienced betting website by producing your own horse racing tips, where all you need to do is look into the form and past results of horses you’re backing to see how strong their chances of winning are.

Back your horse bets with the best odds

After finding a bet that you like the look of, backing it as quickly as possible is crucial to securing the biggest price. This is true in a lot of ways and taking your time is only likely to see your chosen horse bet lower in terms of odds but rushing to place your bet could also see you miss out on potentially stronger odds elsewhere.

It’s not advised that you become obsessed with the odds and take hours to find the best price but even by taking a few minutes out of your time to compare the current odds on key bookmaker websites, it could benefit you if the bet lands.

Best Footballers Right Now

World Cup fever is peaking, and we can’t stop talking about football. Without further ado, here are some of the most famous faces from this year’s World Cup and the best talent on the planet right now:

  1. David De Gea

David De Gea is the best goalie in the world right (possibly soon to overshadowed by Jordan Pickford?) De Gea has shone at Manchester United, winning the Sir Matt Busby award three times since 2014. He boasts the highest number of clean sheets in the premier league and made a record 14 saves in one game against Arsenal.

  1. Eden Hazard

Hazard has been imperious whilst playing for Chelsea and helped the team to win the title in 2015. There can’t be many dream teams that wouldn’t include Eden Hazard in their starting line-up. He’s also pretty good at predicting things and as so far correctly predicted more than half of all the world cup draws.

Image credit

  1. Paul Pogba

Pogba has experienced some ups and downs, with many feeling he has not yet reached his full potential. However, he was still good enough to be the winner of the UEFA Europa League’s Best Player. He has excelled in an attacking role at Manchester United, becoming one of their most influential players.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Moments of sheer brilliance followed by lacklustre performances recently. His stats still look amazing though. It could be that we are so used to seeing Ronaldo score that it seems more obvious when he doesn’t. His stats given to any other player would be considered as downright excellent. However, when he’s not scoring he doesn’t seem that influential either, so if he wants to stay in this list he must work on overall game and not just the goal-scoring.

  1. Sergio Aguero

For many years, Aguero has been one of the top strikers in the premier league and with a record of 24 goals in 31 games, he remains a lethal Argentine for players to be wary of. He is doggedly consistent and has helped Manchester City to achieve a greater global presence than ever before.

  1. Kevin De Bruyne

This Belgian has also been making waves for Manchester City and is one of the best midfielders in the world right now. Along with David Silva and Sergio Aguero, Man City have become a major power in the sport. He is tied to the club until 2023. To move your own game to the next level, try Soccer Training Drill Videos from

  1. Harry Kane

What can we say? This Englishman has a lethal precision when it comes to getting the ball in the back of the net. He scored more hattricks than Messi and Ronaldo in 2017 and is a strong contender for the Golden Boot at the 2018 World Cup. Will his success see him making a move from Tottenham?

Image credit

  1. Neymar

Neymar is brilliant and could have been considered the best in the world in the past, but the competition these days is fierce. He has played like a Brazilian God for Paris Saint Germain but having just crashed out of the 2018 World Cup with a less than amazing performance – nationally Neymar appeared to struggle.

1.Lionel Messi

He’s no spring chicken in footballing years but he still shows that gritty determination and no desire to slow down for Barca. He is an incredible goal scorer, there’s no doubt but it’s his growth and evolution from goal scorer to exquisite playmaker that earns him the spot of best footballer in the world.

Disabled Sport Equipment in Gyms

Many of Britain’s gyms, leisure centers and swimming pools are “no-go zones” for disabled people and will struggle to cope with an expected surge in interest in fitness activities, following the Paralympic games in 2012.

Although most gyms provided disabled parking spaces, for example, many of the bays are not wide enough to enable a wheelchair to be unpacked from a car. Although a cursory attempt has been made at making the building accessible to disabled and wheelchair users, little thought has been put into an independent wheelchair user gaining access through heavy (non-automatic) doors – with internal doors also proving to be difficult to manoeuver through with ease.

Many gyms have made the minimum changes to adhere to the law – to provide basic access, but have not embraced the full spirit of the law which is to encourage, involve and promote fitness to anyone regardless of their ability.

A crowdsourced survey* of hundreds of gyms across the UK by charity volunteers suggests that many local facilities are partially inaccessible, difficult to navigate and expensive to join. Some did not have specialist disabled sport equipment and nearly half lacked staff trained in disability awareness.

The survey of 300 UK leisure facilities found that:

    • Nearly a third of gyms did not have an automatic door at the entrance to the gym, while some were fitted with heavy internal doors that were difficult to open. One survey reporter said he watched a wheelchair user forced to open such a door by pushing it with his head.

    • Although many gyms had lifts, just over one in five were not working properly. A common problem was that lifts were too small for larger wheelchairs and control buttons were set too high

    • In one case, it was reported that a lift leading to the gym area of a leisure centre did not appear to have been working for more than a year.

  • A quarter of swimming pools did not have hoists to support disabled people to get into the water, while 31% of gyms did not have any fitness equipment that was suitable for disabled people.

This situation is solvable and the Government has encouraged local authorities and gym owners to become accredited as IFI (Inclusive Fitness Initiative) and literally open their doors to all.

IFI is a national scheme whereby fitness suites are awarded grants to increase the range of equipment (such as disabled bikes) that they can offer that is ‘user-friendly’ to disabled people. Staff will receive disability equality training and the fitness instructors are further trained in working with disabled.

The legacy that was promised to inspire a generation must surely be questioned if a proportion of the population who may want to take up exercise in a gym can’t even get in the building!

There is the potential to involve many disabled people in sports. Offering the ability to participate in sports is not a favour due to disabled people, but a responsibility of all local councils. To provide disabled sport equipment, along with adequate staff training should be the aim for every major leisure centre in the country.