General Football Betting

Bookmakers offer an excellent and comprehensive general football betting service. It is possible to place bets on over 200 football leagues and cup competitions. The range of markets covers most events in a football match and there are over 250 markets available for betting in some matches. General football betting is popular around the world and the English Premier League generates most bets and turnover. It is the richest league in the world and attracts the best players and manages. Extensive TV coverage also helps to promote general football betting. Football is easily the most popular sport for both pre-match and in-play betting.

General Football Betting and Cash Out

General football betting is enhanced by the cash out facility that is offered by many online bookmakers. Customers can close a bet before expiry for the full stake or partial stake. Cashing out a bet guarantees a profit or minimises a loss regardless of the outcome of the fixture. In the past general football betting involved placing a bet on something to happen and not being able to bet during the match. Betting exchanges and cash out have allowed customers to play the role of the bookmaker by accepting bets when the odds are mutually beneficial. Cashing out a bet is akin to laying a bet on a betting exchange. Cash out is more likely when the odds have moved in the favour of the bettor after a goal or key injury. General football betting is still popular, but the options offered by a betting exchange and the cash out facility have made in-play betting and trading much more popular.


General Football Betting and Customised Betting


One of the latest developments is customised betting which enhances a bookmaker’s general football betting service. Customers can put together their own bets which combine a number of events in a football match. Sometimes these events are related so the general football betting odds are adjusted accordingly. For example, you could bet on the number of corners in a match, the correct scorer and anytime scorer. Customised betting is now part of general football betting and more will become available over time with different markets being combined. General football betting still accounts for most sports bets and that situation is unlikely to change. The appetite for in-play and general football betting is growing in the UK and around the world because football is easy to understand and there is an uncomplicated scoring system.