Incorporating Gym Sports

One of the top reasons that people stop going to their gym and working out is because they are BORED. It has happened to everyone who works out in a gym setting. The same old exercise machines, the same old treadmill, the same old classes. Spicing up your exercise routine is key to staying motivated and excited. A lot of people find that pizazz in gym sports. Basketball, racquetball and kickboxing to name a few. Once I introduced these activities into my workout routine, I stopped dreading going to the gym and started looking forward to it.

Since adding a gym sport like basketball to my repertoire, there has been a considerable improvement in my jumping height, which isn’t something you can readily work on using weights or gym machines. Sometimes doing something your body is not used to can wake up muscles that you haven’t used in a while.

Something like a kickboxing class will definitely take care of that for you. After my first class, I could barely walk, but it was exciting and upbeat enough to keep me wanting to come back the next week. A few months later and suddenly you are doing things you never thought you could do. It is such a great feeling!

Racquetball was the gym sport that I was most worried about. It is intensely fast paced and in such an enclosed space. The little blue racquetball balls were lighter than I expected and didn’t hurt if you got hit by it. It is more like an aerobic workout than the other activities.

By playing these sports as part of my fitness routine, I preemptively stopped myself from giving up on the gym for a while from boredom. Growing up, I never played sports, and perhaps that is why I got so overweight. I am happy to rectify it now by adding these healthy activities to my life. I hope you do too! See you on the court!