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II World Strokeplay Championship - Irish qualifier

 The Irish qualifier for the II World Strokeplay Championships was held at Lakeside (Templemore) on 20 April.

The following players qualified:

Frank Dineen (St. Anne's) 95 
Rene van Bloem (Collinstown) 99 
Mark Miller (Shandon) 100
Donal Duggan (St. Anne's) 101
Alan Hanlon (Collinstown) 102
Trevor Ahern (Collins) 103

The II World Strokeplay Championship will be staged on 4/7 July 2013 in Tambre, Sigueiro, Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

FIPPA and EPPA Council AGM

Teyco l'Ampolla 2013

The 2013 joint Ordinary General Assembly of EPPA/FIPPA was held on Friday, April 5th in the Hotel Flamingo, L'Ampolla (Tarragona).

Membership applications from the Basque Association and South France Association were unanimously approved.

The secretariat has exchanged correspondence with two new courses in Mexico and in Ecuador and encouraged them to form associations with other similar courses in their countries. Both are fully informed as to the FIPPA regulations and membership criteria.

For the World Strokeplay Championship, a competition committee of Myles McMorrow, Victor Rodriguez and Joep van Mourik has been appointed, to be coordinated by the secretary. This committee will oversee the distribution of vacant places among associations, which have requested extra places beyond the original allocation and, if necessary, based on the current European ranking system. With the championship hotel located in the city of Santiago, a bus shuttle service will be in place for transfers to and from the course.

Member associations have been invited to bid to host the VII European Team Championship (2014). Closing Date is June 13th 2013. Proposals will be circulated and voted upon by July 15th. Any bid should be made in writing with details of venue, logistical information and dates.

An updated edition of the FIPPA rules booklet is due for publication in 2014. Members are asked to make proposals of desired rules changes, and moreover, nominate a spokesperson to discuss any such proposals before June 13th 2013. Proposals will be circulated and voted upon by July 15th.



Friday, April 5th at 16:30 hours in the Hotel Flamingo, L'Ampolla (Tarragona).

- Approval of the minutes of the 2012 AGM
- Reports of member associations
- Report on recent contact with new courses in Mexico and Ecuador
- Update on preparations - World Strokeplay Championship, July 2013
- Financial report
- Membership applications - Basque Association, South France Association
- Discussion on possible venue for the VII European Teams Championship 2014
- Discussion in preparation of planned meeting with representatives of IPPA
- Formation of a Rules Committee for Rules update
- Any other business. Proposals should be circulated to members before March 15th.





IPPA and FIPPA meeting in Barcelona April 8, 2013

 On Monday, April 8th a meeting requested by IPPA between the two organisations took place in the offices of FIPPA in Barcelona.

The meeting was held in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and despite some differences between both, it was agreed to focus on the future and what can enhance the sport and competitiveness among international players.

A few proposals were discussed and both organisations will now go back and consult with their respective affiliated members before further steps can be taken and more concrete developments can be disclosed.

Martin Whitelaw, Secretary, FIPPA 
Robert Uggla, Secretary, IPPA


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