Out of Gym Training Solutions

The modern day gym is a desirable option for many fitness participants seeking results from their fitness training. Modern gyms have elaborate pieces of equipment which certainly facilitate results based fitness training. Additionally the atmosphere of a busy gym can also increase motivation; being around like minded individuals seeking results from their fitness training.

However if results for weight loss, increased cardiovascular function, core training and just about every other form of fitness training is what you are seeking, then you must not exclusively treat the gym as your only option as there are many other forms of exercise which produce effective results.


Getting out and completing a slow long distance jog is a highly effective training method for both weight loss and improved cardiovascular function. Facilities are only limited to your routing imagination. It is recommended to devise a hydration strategy if completing log distances.


Like running, walking is a great option for increased fitness, especially those just beginning a fitness program or just looking to get active. You can appreciate the scenery and relax your mind and spirit. Keeping track of your walking pace (distance and time) will pave the way for effective fitness training from walking. Being outside in the sunlight will also provide you with highly beneficial levels of vitamin D.

Boxing Fitness

Although generally requiring a partner boxing fitness is a fantastic option for out of gym fitness training. Utilising a pair of gloves and hand pads you can run through a series of drills and exercises which will greatly benefits your fitness and overall health.


Often forgotten in fitness training circles is the benefits of traditional sports as being beneficial for fitness training. Sports such as tennis, indoor cricket, basketball and soccer provide excellent exercise options which are fun and can possibly outweigh the benefits of particular fitness programs. Sports often bring together different qualities of fitness, creating a fusion fitness effect; beneficial for all participants. Additionally, for those looking to just get active, the benefits of golf should be considered. Whilst not generally seen as a form of exercise, the fact is that a player will walk up to and beyond 10 kilometres in a round of golf. Whilst there has been a general perception that golfers are out of shape, it has to be considered that the greatest golfer of all time is arguably, physically the most developed athlete in modern day sports. This is no coincidence.


Completing laps in a pool, either fast or controlled, provides great all round health benefits. Swimming helps develop muscular endurance, strength and stability, as well as improve cardiovascular function.

Next time you’re looking for exercise options don’t limit your decision to a modern day gym. Whilst the gym is beneficial there are many self sufficient and supplementary options.


Gavin Stone Personal Training offers fitness services in the Canberra region. Fitness training programs are personally designed utilising a training philosophy developed through qualified experience. Fitness services include: Personal Training, Smart Start (outdoor fitness training), Group Personal Training, Mature Adults, Canberra Boot Camp, Custom Group Fitness and the International Muay Thai Program.